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Why you should buy palladium wedding bands
Why you should buy palladium wedding bands. Jewelry Designs for Men
With a melting point of nearly 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit, palladium is one of the most durable materials on the planet - so what better or longer lasting than palladium wedding bands? This beautiful cream-silver colored metal shines brightly for decades, requiring no polishing, and is impossible to scratch. It is an ideal material for custom men’s jewelry, including palladium wedding bands.

Past Meets Future

Men’s jewelry has been used for centuries, primarily for purposes of showing off one’s status, or as the sign of one who has performed mighty deeds. One the earliest forms of mens jewelry were necklaces made out of the claws, teeth and bones of game animals, signifying that the wearer was a great hunter (surely a good thing to be when the tribe’s survival depended on it!)

Today, class and company rings serve similar functions, as do quality timepieces such as Movado gold watches. However, the materials used in the 21st century are a far cry from those of the Stone Age; palladium wedding bands and tungsten-carbide wedding rings represent the most creative uses of such Space-Age materials, and are as enduring as the bond they represent.

Mens Watches Come of Age

The pocket watch has been a traditional man’s accessory for many decades (and even an indispensable tool if you worked for the railroad). However, wrist watches did not come along until the 20th Century. Dive watches are required for those whose work takes them under the surface of the sea, but the first mens watches designed to be worn on the wrist were intended for aviators. Early aircraft were notoriously unstable, requiring the pilot to have his hand on the controls every second – and since these early planes had no fuel gauge, the only way to tell if you were running low on gas was to keep an eye on the clock.

Wedding Rings Enter the Space Age

Tungsten carbide wedding rings are made of the same material that was used to make the filaments of old fashioned incandescent light bulbs – some of which lasted for decades. Likewise, palladium wedding bands set the standard for durability combined with beauty and style. Such jewelry actually has greater value than gold and is far more likely to hold its value in years to come.

Sources for palladium wedding bands can easily be found on the World Web Web; most sites allow you to see the different styles available as well.


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